User instructions for surface protection films

The surface to be protected must be dry and clean (no dust, oil, etc.)

Lamination temperature +10 to +30°C (also applies to the material to be protected).

Adhesive level
The adhesive level depends on the material to be protected and the lamination method, etc.

Surface-protected materials must be stored in a dry place at a temperature between +10 and +30°C.

Prolonged high temperatures (such as when in direct sunlight) will increase the adhesive level.

Prolonged wet conditions – such as rain or condensation – will alter the adhesive level (if it comes between the material and the film).

The above factors may make the film more difficult to remove and increase the risk of adhesive residues.

Removing the protection film
The film should be removed as soon as possible after the protected material is installed. Removal temperature: -20 to +40°C. The maximum protection period is 6 months.

Protection film roll
Must be stored in a dry and dust-free area out of direct sunlight. Storage temperature: +10 to +30°C, maximum storage time: 6 months following production.

Protection films must be tested before use. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the above information in all circumstances, which is correct according to our current knowledge and experience.

General terms of warranty 
Pelloplast Oy’s surface protection films are designed for the temporary protection of finished surfaces against dirt and scratching, but not against corrosion, moisture, or chemicals. The use of our products and the conditions may vary. For this reason, we always ask our customers to test our products on the surfaces/products to be protected. When testing the product, pay attention to the surface/material to which the protection film is applied, as well as the temperature, time and other process restrictions, and indoor/outdoor conditions.

The basic applications mentioned in promotional materials are guidelines only; they are not binding on Pelloplast if the customer has not tested the product under normal production conditions.

Pelloplast accepts no responsibility for the misuse of its products, or their use on non-recommended surfaces.


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