Protect your products with Pelloplast

malli-3Our protection solutions will keep your products undamaged during manufacture, transportation, installation and use. They reduce costs caused by damaged goods. Our adhesive films are known globally for their high quality, which we ensure through continuous monitoring and product development.

The latest manufacturing techniques

Our modern plant equipment and expert staff guarantee products of the highest quality. We provide individual, tailored service, and continuously develop our knowhow and machinery. Based on decades of experience, our expertise is a matter of huge pride for us. We want to serve our customers quickly and flexibly, thus our production is also able to perform short and rapid production runs.

Respecting the environment

Our location in Pello, north of the Arctic Circle, makes us the world’s northernmost manufacturer of self-adhesive films. We are surrounded by the stunning landscape of Finnish Lapland, so taking care of the environment, our customers and employees is obviously extremely highly important to us. We use only water-based adhesives and strive to make our production process more energy efficient, while minimising our non-recyclable waste. Our product development team continuously develops greener solutions to protect your products. We are a pioneer for example in the production of GREEN surface protection films that we manufacture from vegetable based films.

Show us your surface and we’ll provide the perfect protection!

Steel, wood, books, glass, mirrors and maps – you name it, Pelloplast can protect it. Our selection of standard adhesive films is huge and we never stop working on customer-specific solutions.

Contact us for the best protection solution for your product.

Your surface, our solution