Special films

Special films for different purposes

Pelloplast offers a wide range of specially designed plastic and paper products, all using water-based adhesive. We can also develop self-adhesive films to meet your needs. See below for some examples of how our special films provide value for our customers.


Our 810 and 812 products are PE films with extra strong adhesive, used as backing on glass and mirrors. These films will hold shattered glass together, providing just the amount of extra safety needed during the transport, installation and everyday use of fragile products.

We designed our 830-850 adhesive films for customers that use them as a part of their final product. Our customers manufacture for example self-adhesive plastic pockets, where our product is used together with die-cut, non-adhesive films to make self-adhesive plastic wallets. This type of products are used for example to hold CDs in between book covers, or as menu displays in restaurant windows.

We designed our 820, self-adhesive film for the Braille system. This product can be easily Braille marked and attached for example to display product information for visually impaired persons.

im-green-plastic-tmRequest also our BIO products! The vegetable-based Green line surface protection films and BIO book covering films have been produced with renewable natural resources, without fossil origin raw materials. They can be recycled for energy recovery, just as traditional plastic films.

We make and develop special films alongside our customers. Contact us for a film that is exactly what you need.


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