Book covering films for school children

koululaismuovitEasy to use!

Thousands of schoolchildren have tested our high-quality, self-adhesive film. Our film is easy to use and it resists dirt and wear effectively. Keep your books in good condition for longer! Books stay clean and hygienic with our wipe-clean film. By reusing school books we are saving costs as well as the environment. Books that are covered with Pelloplast book covering film can be handed over to next users with a clear conscience.

im-green-plastic-tmAlso available BIO book covering films! The vegetable-based BIO book covering films have been produced with renewable natural resources, without fossil origin raw materials.

Green values combined with excellent quality: Our book covering films have been developed with professional users, tested by schoolchildren and loved by ecologically responsible people. It is made from PP plastic film that can be recycled for energy recovery.

Solvent-free and safe: Our book covering films for home use are 100% solvent-free – we use a water-based adhesive with a short adhesion delay, leaving time for small adjustments. Even the backing paper is printed with water-based printing ink.

Pelloplast’s high-quality, self-adhesive plastic film is one of the strongest on the market!

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