Book covering films

kirjamuovitFor longer-lasting publications

Use this self-adhesive product to protect the surfaces of books, magazines and other publications against dirt, moisture, and wear and tear. We develop our book covering films in co-operation with professional users.

Our high-quality book covering film is recommended by professional users worldwide. It is extremely easy to use by hand or automatically in book lamination machines. We use only water-based adhesives and have developed a short delay in adhesion to enable small adjustments.

Pelloplast book covering films come with a clear or matt finish in a range of materials, roll widths and lengths. We can also supply non-standard roll sizes or customised sheets.

Product description

All our book covering films are made of specially designed, strong, high-quality film. Our adhesives are water-based with an adhesion delay to enable adjustments and minor corrections. The overall material thickness exceeds 110 microns in all our professional book covering film qualities.

Professionals across Europe love and recommend our films.

Applications: books, magazines, paperbacks and other publications

Also known as the ‘library film’, as the first product we developed alongside Finnish libraries. This product has been a trusted standard among professional users for decades. It is a clear, phthalate-free PVC film.
Click on the product name (120) for more details.
130This is a phthalate-free matt PVC film. Its matt surface is non-reflective. It is extremely easy to cut, making it a firm favourite for professionals.
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220This product has an extremely clear and smooth surface made of polypropylene film (PP). It is made of disposable plastic, which can be recycled for energy recovery. 220 is a hit product among professionals who love clear book films.
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230A polypropylene film (PP) with a non-reflective, matt surface. PP films can be recycled for energy recovery.
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Textile tapeA self-adhesive textile tape used to strengthen or repair book spines. This textile tape’s extra adhesive quality is ideal for holding book spines together and it withstands storage when rolled – the adhesive does not dry out.
Colours: white, grey, black
Repair tape 69 An extremely thin, self-adhesive tape for repairing torn or loose pages. The transparent white surface does not obscure text or reflect reading light – enables easy reading after repair work.
Colour: transparent white
Rigid plasticRigid plastic is a book covering product sold in sheets. This self-adhesive plastic is considerably thicker and stiffer than normal book-covering film. Use this product to strengthen soft-cover publications, such as paperbacks, magazines and school books and notebooks.
For much longer lasting products and toughened soft covers.
- Clear
- Matt

Roll sizes of book covering films

Roll width x length
Roll width x length
5 cm x 25 m (5 rolls / pack)
7 cm x 25 m (5 rolls / pack)
20 cm x 25 m20 cm x 50 m20 cm x 100 m
25 cm x 25 m25 cm x 50 m25 cm x 100 m
28 cm x 25 m28 cm x 50 m28 cm x 100 m
30 cm x 25 m30 cm x 50 m30 cm x 100 m
32 cm x 25 m32 cm x 50 m32 cm x 100 m
35 cm x 25 m35 cm x 50 m35 cm x 100 m
40 cm x 25 m40 cm x 50 m40 cm x 100 m
45 cm x 25 m45 cm x 50 m45 cm x 100 m
50 cm x 25 m50 cm x 50 m50 cm x 100 m
60 cm x 50 m60 cm x 100 m
90 cm x 50 m90 cm x 100 m
120 cm x 50 m120 cm x 100 m

Roll sizes of textile tapes

3 cm x 25 m
5 cm x 25 m

Roll sizes of repairing tapes

3 cm x 25 m

Sheet size of rigid plastic

16,5 cm x 22 cm              200 sheets / box

22 cm x 33 cm                 100 sheets / box

67 cm x 100 cm               20 sheets / box


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